Playing live in Pendle tonight, a new Sweeney Astray EP on the way and a new function gig duo coming soon!


I’m playing live at the Barley Mow seafood pub/restaurant tonight (this Friday Nov 25th) at 8pm – a luxury gastro pub with rooms for the night which sits at the foot of Pendle Hill in Lancashire. I’m looking forward to it too!

A live performance in the bar area offers a great chance to meet new people, creates a party-like atmosphere and give me the chance to sing and work professionally. I’ve been asking friends for song requests so that I can build and build on a growing set list (I’ve put this up on the home page of this website under “setlist” on the top options).

So far I’ve been asked to learn This Charming Man by The Smiths, a Michael Buble song, Thunderstruck by ACDC (might just be the riff that one), Elton John, John Denver and I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Somewhere In My Heart an Aztec Camera hit for Scottish poster-boy Roddy Frame back in the 1980s. The latter after going to a 50th birthday and effectively a reunion with my original band members from back when we were 16 year old punks drinking cider and listening to a cassette player on the school playing fields. My school friend sang the Aztec Camera song at the party and I remembered how good it is and thought – yup that can go in the set too! (thanks Greenie).

“The Barley Mow marks the start and end of a walk up Pendle Hill, and puts the ‘pub’ in the Seafood Pub Company! Serving pub classics and on-trend eats our proper pub has its own wow factor with a hunt lodge style interior and 6 guest bedrooms…
We source the best of British produce to ensure high levels of quality and consistency and also have daily changing specials.

Mike Kneafsey is providing the live music from 8pm. Mike is a professional musician and guitar teacher based in Clitheroe, Lancashire since 2008. He has previously supported the likes of Dodgy, Midge Ure of Ultravox, John Bramwell of IAmKLoot, Julie Felix, Miles Hunt of the Wonderstuff.”

I’ll also be playing at the Barley on New Years Eve too – so please send more song requests and book for a meal and a room if necessary.
More News: a new duo Dacey & Bonner
The other news is I’ve been busy practising with double bassist  and RCM London graduate Hannah Dacey as we are planning to gig as a function duo Dacey & Bonner. We have two demo songs ready for listening soon.Dacey & Bonner A version of Crazy by Gnarls Berkley and Half The World written by Noel Gallagher of Oasis.
Hannah messaged from London yesterday. She’s recording a video with artist Ella Shaw which has involved her having her hair spiked up like a punk during an all day shoot. This weekend she’s doing some pro session work in the studio. listen to a track by BassDacey on soundcloud
We’ll be out gigging very soon! As soon as we’ve got a set together and some demos which we’re happy with.

Sweeney Astray are recording a new EP entitled “Flow” which will be out in spring 2017.

We’ve got the bass, vocals, acoustic guitars, electric parts all done and dusted ready for mixing and final production ideas. We’re truly happy with the 4 tracks – new full band versions of Dunedin to Skye, The Rooks of Kathmandu plus versions of There’s Always Tomorrow and Silver Rain.

We’re planning a video, lyric blogs, gigs in Preston and Manchester. Please get us in touch for any bookings at parties, pubs, cafes as we’re super keen to play these songs as a full band or as an acoustic duo (myself and singer Katie Ritson).

Mike Kneafsey

Footnote: please please send me more cover suggestions for my function gigs in the spaces provided on this blog site for comments or on my FaceBook pages and please like and share the music sites…

listen to the Wild Irish Sea by Mike Kneafsey on soundcloud

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