Clitheroe Guitar Group Jan 2016

WE’RE off again – gathering together as a group of guitarists and strumming out those tunes upstairs at The Ale House Clitheroe for a brand new year of the 21st century. Care to join us!

We’ve been going since last November sticking to open chords, sometimes cowboy chords, sometimes blues, sometimes acoustic indie folk, bringing in a few licks here and there and drinking the fine real ales and craft beers from the bar downstairs.

Now we’re ready to go again – beginning at 8pm so get there early on Tuesday January the 19th. Now is the time to start choosing those songs and the musical direction we all wish to share in, it being a most democratic of groups (well fairly democratic since I have to prep the songs).

I’m absolutely delighted that the regulars downstairs kept insisting that they were enjoying our get togethers, even though we were learning as we went along – which was the purpose of setting up a workshop in the first place. We have become the entertainment on Tuesday which is great.

Congratulations to us – we must be quick learners.

Pictured above: Bassist Shug Millidge with Mike in Blackburn

I’m thinking we need to learn that E Blues Scale so we can start doing those licks and playing blues lead. Plus a 3/4 time signature song like Norwegian Wood would work to get us into a new feel. I was also thinking we should keep at Take It Easy, Galway Girl and add Brown Eyed Girl and then I’m open to new suggestions, perhaps the Irish Rover and Black Is The Colour, a slow one.

Maybe we could even do something from this century!!!

It’s the usual arrangement:  5 workshops for £40 please can you pay me in advance. Thanks for your consideration.

Main thing is I’ve been playing a lot of live sets recently so I can lift all kinds of songs for us and introduce them to the group. Looking forward to meeting again in the near future. jan 16 poster



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Musician, blogger, songwriter and guitar tutor. Full time professional musician/tutor since 2005. Originally graduated in Sociology, trained and worked as a local journalist before working in FE teaching and environmental education.

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